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Meet the power of custom business software

Data-driven decisions

Tracking, storing and analyzing data through an organized system helps managers take better, unbiased decisions.

Enhance customer service

Lead your industry by serving your customers better than any other competitor with an integrated customer service module.

Optimize your time

Don't get lost in paperwork or emails. With the right pipeline, you and your team can save time and focus on what truly matters.

Reach globally

Expanding your business and acquiring new customers from anywhere in the world can be a lot easier with the right custom business software.

Accelerate processes

By centralizing information and breaking down barriers, internal processes will face less bottlenecks and you'll achieve more.

Digital maturity

Your organization can adapt appropriately to the emerging, competitive digital environment by harnessing the power of digital tools.


Endless possibilites

Is it time to change from a legacy software?
You want to connect your existing web app to a mobile app?
You’re looking to increase your growth rate through cost efficiency?
Let us help you.

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Artifex Process

Steps of development

Analysis & Planning

In order to fully understand your idea and your market, we conduct an initial market study and business analysis. To provide you with the best possible solution, we’ll analyse your needs, the problems you need to solve, the processes you want to change, and the opportunities that you might want to seize.


During this step, we create a user-experience wireframe to visually show you what the users of your custom software will see and how they will interact with it. We show you the progress through the process and when we’re done with the UX wireframe, we design the user interface (UI) and provide you with a complete visual representation of what your app will look like.


The software development stage is the core of the process. We work using Agile software development methodologies, following sprints that are predefined in a sprint planning document with the full team. We’re transparent with our clients, so you get updates and reports of the progress periodically at the end of each sprint.


The optimization stage is where we make sure we deliver a high-quality software that is quick, secure and reliable. We do so by having our quality assurance and development team perform tests and security troubleshooting. This stage is also where you first get to use the Beta version of your product.

Support & Updates

We don’t leave you on your own with your new product when it’s done. We help you launch your software, and we make sure that you have everything you need in terms of technological requirements to scale your project. We also support you whenever you need assistance and we’ll deliver necessary updates as long as you want some. 

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